Buying UPC Codes or Barcodes Online – For Retail Merchandise

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Before I educated myself about the barcoding, I took those vertical blocks of the line entirely for granted. Across the globe, barcoding has significantly altered the nature of business. We can all appreciate the modest barcode for accelerating our daily retail shopping. Moreover, they enable companies to manage and track assets conveniently. It helps keep […]

What Is UPC And Where To Buy Cheap UPC Codes For Amazon

Do you want to sell on Amazon but are confused about which barcodes to use? Are you unclear about what is UPC and where to buy cheap UPC codes for your Amazon listings? This post will succinctly answer the most common bar code questions I get asked from brand new Amazon sellers including… What is UPC, EAN, ISBN, JAN, GTIN? […]

Maximizing Your Amazon Product Discoverability via Content Optimization

Amazon Product Discoverability & Content Optimization A huge trend we see today is that compelling product content not only improves your overall organic ranking & discoverability, but it also has a direct impact on Sponsored Product advertisements. It’s no question that optimizing the content of your product listings is both tedious & time consuming, but it’s […]

Increasing Your Product Discoverability on the Amazon SERP

Understanding What Drives the Amazon SERP With such little understanding to how the Amazon SERP works, many sellers are left with unsold products sitting in warehouses because consumers can’t seem to find them. Without fully understanding the factors that trigger the best results in the Amazon SERP, many sellers are losing out on potential revenue. […]

Amazon Product Ads Re-Opens Shoe Category

This morning, Amazon let all CPC advertisers know that it would be re-opening Shoes as an available category for their Amazon Product Ads program. Screenshot of the original email below: The additional good news on top of this announcement is their incentive to on-board shoe advertisers, offering $150 in free clicks credit for Shoes advertisers who successfully […]

Buying Barcodes Online – For Retail Products

Before I learnt about barcoding I took those little blocks of vertical lines completely for granted. Barcoding has largely changed the nature of business across the world. We can all thank the humble barcode for speeding up our daily shopping. In addition, they allow companies to easily track and manage assets, allow for a streamlined […]



In Amazon, it requires every seller to be registering a GTIN with each product listing which available on their account or marketplace. Amazon said, sellers can either invest in authorized UPC codes directly from GS1 as well as go through a reseller and UPC codes for sale. There are various UPC and EAN resellers out […]


Buy Cheap UPC Codes for amazon

Barcoding has been helping companies to use barcodes or other data capture technologies to eliminate inefficiency and errors produced by manual data entry via keyboard. We offer affordable data collection systems. BARCODE AND LABEL DESIGN SOFTWARE You can Design your basic barcode labels in minutes with our easy-to-use label designer. Use Microsoft Excel as a […]

How to Buy Cheap UPC Codes for Amazon

If you plan or selling goods online, you need to register your products with the GS1(Global Standard 1). You will be assigned your own unique UPC code that identifies your company as the maker of the product, which is necessary in order to do business. Here only one authorized producer of UPC code which exists […]

What is Barcode Labels? How to get Barcode Labels?

What is Barcode Labels? How to get Barcode Labels?

After buying UPC Codes or EAN Codes, you get number as well as Barcode Labels. Companies like us( send both things after purchase. Barcoding has been helping companies use barcodes or other data capture technologies to eliminate inefficiency and errors produced by manual data entry via keyboard. How to Design a BARCODE? There is so […]