Best Place to Buy Cheap UPC Codes For Amazon

If you want to start selling on Amazon then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss UPCs, one of the most required things for listing your products on Amazon. Here you will get to know about What is a UPC Code. Why it is required on Amazon for listing? And the best places to buy cheap UPC codes for Amazon.

What is a UPC Code?

UPC Code aka Universal Product Identification is used as a product identification number for every single product and variation on Amazon for listing. This will have the information about the product. It can be used in online stores as well as in retail stores. You might have seen it on multiple retail stores scanning the product via barcode reader.

Along with your documentation for creating your Amazon seller account, it is required to list the products.

Why are UPCs important for Amazon sellers?

Amazon is a giant marketplace of millions of products. Because they have a lot of inventory, they need something to make proper information about every single product. Here UPC Codes come into the picture, using amazon or even any retail store can store the data about the product in their database. This ultimately helps in organizing the products and keeping the inventory updated.

These codes make it easier to:

  • List your products: In the meantime, it is necessary to have UPC Codes to list your items to Amazon. If you don’t have or you are using any other brand’s product to list on Amazon then in that case you need to have a GTIN number that needs approval from the brand owner.
  • Get found by buyers: When people search for something, Amazon uses the UPC to show them your product if it matches the details provided in the product description and what they’re looking for.
  • Build trust: Using the right UPCs shows that you’re a serious seller, which can help customers feel confident buying from you.

There are several options to buy UPC codes for Amazon but here I will let you know about a few.

How to buy a UPC Code for Amazon?

  1. Go to a reputable website that sells UPCs
    (recommended: GetUPC Code)
  2. Click on “Buy Barcodes”
  3. Enter the number of barcodes you want to purchase.
  4. Now you will receive an email with an Excel sheet that has UPC barcode numbers and a pdf as well. Apart from that you will also have a zip file containing Barcode Labels to stick on the products.
  5. Create an Amazon product listing
  6. Enter the UPC Code you purchased in the “product ID field.
  7. Finalize your new Amazon product listing.

Where to buy Cheap UPC Codes for Amazon?

People commonly purchase cheap UPC codes from shady sellers on eBay. Most likely they are recycled UPCs. Amazon will think your products are fraudulent and shut down your account. So, buy UPC Codes from GS1 or legit sellers like, and

List of Websites to Buy Cheap UPC Codes

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Final Words

I hope you can get some important information related to UPC Codes and their usage on Amazon. Initially, you need to set up your Amazon seller account, and then after you need to UPC Codes to list your product on the platform.