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The UPC Codes that we are providing will be definitely working on Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart, and similar platforms. Not only that you can also use them to the retail stores where you want to sell your products.

In fact, we always give a GUARANTEE for them to be workable on Amazon and other online platforms for listing.


What is a UPC Code? How To Buy Cheap UPC Codes?

The most common question asked is what are the UPC Codes and where does one buy them from. Well, let us help you understand the details about UPC Codes. is the best place to buy UPC Codes. We serve almost every country and also support our buyers.

UPC Barcodes is basically for sellers who want to sell their product on Online Platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Etsy , iTunes etc. UPC Code aka Universal Product Code is a unique identity which stores information about your product. With the help UPC Barcode Labels, users can scan your barcodes and get all the information about your product.


Why Choose for buying UPC/EAN Codes?

UPC codes are cheap neither should be taken for granted if you are planning to leverage the Amazon or Flipkart like e-commerce platforms. When buying these codes, you must pick the business who holds an immense experience and skills in the domain. You do not need any random UPC seller who fails to guide you in the right direction.

We have a team of professionals who precisely understands the value of UPC Codes and capable of successfully creating customized packages for our clients as per their requirements. We do not believe in delivering quantity over quality because for us our customers’ interest is our priority. We also have one of the largest bases around the world to provide the best of services.

Why UPC CODES needed in Google Shopping or GTIN COMPATIBILITY?

Google looking for UPC/ EAN codes both of them GTIN Compatibility to list products. In the year 2015, Google has reported that they require EAN or UPC codes or GTIN for items under 50 diverse brand names. From that point of view, in 2016 they have likewise declared that they would require GTIN for every item. If you are focusing on one of the 12 countries. Worldwide Trade Identification Number is fundamentally known as GTIN number or Global Trade Item Number. GTIN can be used on these countries Czech Republic, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. Apart from these countries additionally Google likes to utilize GTIN numbers. So you can go for GTIN or Use Cheap UPC Codes that we provide.

Are all the UPC Codes are the same?

Today the greater part of the purchasers are in a misinterpretation that all the UPC codes are equivalent as they essentially begin from a similar source. The harsh reality of cheap UPC Codes you buy from other stores might give not good barcodes for your brand account. If you use non GS1 registered UPC Codes then might be your product will be removed automatically from the marketplace.

If you buy UPC Codes from the online stores like us, you can get the required genuine UPC codes according to your financial plan fulfills. Apart from that, we attempt to give you the best UPC codes for Amazon that will suit your business needs.

Basically, our UPC Codes begin from UCC Prefixes (Now known as GS1) Now the couple of things you should be remembered while purchasing the UPC codes before obtaining from the other vendor. There many vendors who sell UPC Codes but it might be possible that are fake or regenerated. We are the best barcode sellers in the market who believes in Qualtiy Selling Services. We sell quality UPC code to the merchant.

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It is one of the reasons that we do not value manual generation of systems & follow the machine approach to maintaining the high level of uniqueness and security of your product code to warrant reliable handling of the UPC. This is why is the best place to buy cheap upc codes for Amazon, Flipkart, iTunes etc.


Basically, the retailer uses UPC codes to identify their product in the inventory system a different UPC barcode is required for each and every product. As for example if you are selling two flavors of bottled water in

 Small —   2 flavors, that means you need 2 UPC/EAN barcode
 Medium —  2 flavors, that means you need 2 UPC/EAN barcode
 Large —  2 flavors, that means you need 2 UPC/EAN barcode

So total no. of UPC Code you need is (2+2+2)=6 UPC  barcodes for each all flavor of bottles to list of different sizes of the product. As each UPC/EAN Code can help to differentiate the product from one another.


Here are steps the to follow to use UPC Codes on different platforms.

3 Steps Process to use UPC Code



Firstly Buy UPC/EAN Codes for your products. Keep in mind that you have to 1 UPC Code for Every Single variation of your product. Eg. if you have a shirt of the same size with 5 different colors then you have to buy 5 UPC Codes.



After the payments done, you will get UPC codes on your email that you have entered at the time of order. We also provide barcode labels or tools to generate Barcodes, so that you can easily get labels UPC barcodes for your products.



Cheap UPC Code for Amazon Users: Use 1 UPC code per Amazon listing you do. Apply UPC barcode images to your products.

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