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If you want to start your e-commerce business and want to sell your products on platforms like Amazon, eBay, or even any other retail store then in that case you need UPCs. UPC Codes are one of the required things for adding your product information to these platforms. And here, we will be discussing UPC codes in detail and you can also buy UPC codes from us. Before we move on let’s discuss a few things about UPC Codes:

What is a UPC Code?

UPC is a kind of barcode that you might have seen on the back of several products. UPC or universal product code is a kind of identification number that is used on the products to identify them. It contains information about the product and, the manufacturer’s details. Apart from these things, it is used for tracking inventory and managing them. And it makes the process of selling the goods faster and easier.

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Buy UPC Codes

Benefits of Using UPC Codes

Buy UPC Codes

Streamlined Inventory Management

With the help of UPC Codes, inventory tracking gets easy. You will have every single data related to your inventory on to your computer and this prevents stockouts as well as overstocking. All of these things will ultimately help you in saving money.

Buy UPC Codes

Effortless Product Scanning

The selling process becomes faster and easier. You don’t need to worry about the product-related data like their name, description, pricing, quantity you have left, etc. Once you feed the information, then after you only need to scan the product and you will get the whole information. And this helps you in spreading the transaction process for you as well as your customers.

Buy UPC Codes

Increased Sales Potential

If you want to sell your products on online market places like Amazon, eBay, or any other similar kind of platform, then in that case, you need to have a UPCs for listing your products. This will help you to expose your product to a larger audience that is already on these platforms and you can also increase your sales.

Buy UPC Codes

Enhanced Brand Image

Products with barcodes create trust into the customer’s eyes. If you have a professional brand, then you should have barcodes on your products. This will ultimately increase your brand’s legitimacy and your brand value.

What is a UPC Code?

UPC Code or Universal Product Code is generally the licensing that a manufacturer requires purchasing to maintain the UPC code of his product. Whenever you see a product for sale in the store then the UPC code is attached to it and the manufacturer must buy this code for maintaining the licensing norms of the product code.

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Basically, the retailer uses UPC codes to identify their product in the inventory system a different UPC barcode is required for each and every product. As for example if you are selling two flavors of bottled water in

 Small —   2 flavors, so you require 2 UPC barcode
 Medium —  2 flavors, so you require 2 UPC barcode
 Large —  2 flavors, so you require 2 UPC barcode

Total UPC Code requires is (2+2+2)=6 UPC  codes for each flavor of bottles of different sizes. As each unique code can help to differentiate the product from one another.