How to purchase UPC codes and sell on Amazon

Selling your products online is one of the best ways to reach customers and increase sales. makes this process easy by exposing your products to its extensive and loyal products to its extensive and loyal customer base an estimated 85 million monthly unique visitors! Selling on Amazon instantly connects you with customers who may not have found your company otherwise, but discover your products while searching for similar merchandise.

It is not difficult to see why so many new companies begin sales on Amazon. In this one should come to know how to get a UPC code. If you plan to sell your products on Amazon, you will likely need to purchase bar codes for each product.

Why does one need UPCs for Amazon?

In 2008, the company changed its regulations to require UPC, EAN, OR ISBN bar codes for Amazon. They did this because scannable bar codes reduce shipping time and make it easier to ensure that the correct package is shipped to the correct customer. Today, almost all items sold on Amazon must have an EAN, UPC, or ISBN product identifier.

FBA Processes

Amazon has FBA processes- commingled or labeled. If you are commingling your inventory with other sellers, then you need a UPC label on the package. If you are planning to label your inventory, the FBA FNSKU label needs to cover the UPC label if there already is one on the package. So, if you are going to be labeling your inventory then no, you do not need a UPC label on it. It depends on what you are selling.

If it is a brand name that has a UPC, then you must use it. And you can no longer create bundles with branded UPC-coded products unless the manufacturer created a bundle with a brand name mixed with a generic product. So far, if it is a private label or generic non-UPC coded product, speedy Bar codes and others have worked.

Because it appears Amazon may be heading toward requiring all products to have a GS-1 code or demanding bad registration as the only option for an alternate identifier. But you definitely cannot make an alternate listing for a product that already has a code by using any purchased code of yours even it is your own GS1 purchased code. And it works.

Barcode Graphic

Several legit barcode sellers have already been provided, so one must not repeat that other than to say one has used Nationwide many times. All that really means is that the bar code has not been sold more than once. The biggest difference in sellers is that the really cheap ones do not include the barcode graphic. You have to generate your own. Back in the early 90’s you could purchase from GS1 a block of 100,000 codes for $500. It works.

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