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It should be remembered that barcode prefixes do not provide identification of origin for a specific product. They merely provide number capacity to different countries for the assignment of barcode prefixes by the GS1. The European article number (EAN) is a unique 13-digit number that is used in barcodes to identify products.

The EAN number can be found on the packaging of your product and will always consist of 13 numbers. The barcode symbology most often seen in Europe and most of the rest of the world is EAN. It is a numeric-only barcode system used for identification of retail products. Unique numbers are allocated to each separate retail product, not just by product band but by variation (weight, color, flavor, etc).

The GS1, the source for barcodes has created confusion between UPC and EAN (European Article Numbers also called International Article Numbers).

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The Differentiation

There are no differences. Our planet cooperation is a member of the GS1 organization and has paid for the rights to various GS1 prefixes which give us hundreds of thousands of unique cheap UPC Codes for Amazon that we can use as we like including licensing them to you.

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