How to make more money on Amazon by selling products?

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms worldwide. If you are looking forward to making more money through Amazon. There are various ways to make money with Amazon but today we are going to talk about making money with Amazon by selling products on Amazon.

How to make more money on Amazon by selling products?

There are various steps to consider if you are thinking to sell your product on Amazon.  So, let’s discuss those steps:

  1. Product Selection –  Always choose a product that might be unique. But also keep in mind that people must be attracted after seeing your product to buy those products.
  2.  Get product ID –  To list your products on Amazon, you need to buy UPC codes for Amazon. You can buy cheap UPC codes for Amazon from the websites which I have provided below and there is no need to register with GS1. Because they provide barcodes that were already registered with GS1. So here are a few websites which I would recommend to you to buy from:
  3. Fill all the required details on the listing page.
  4. Always try to put quality images in your products.
  5.  Fill all the keywords and descriptions which is required by Amazon.
  6.  Now once your listing gets approved, you are good to go.


How to get your first sale on Amazon?

  • Start promoting your product on various platforms including social media and other places which ultimately help you to rank your products on Amazon.
  • I would recommend you add images that actually shown how the product can be used. An image can tell a thousand words about a product.