How to make money by selling on Amazon? Some tips for new Sellers

Are you the one who is wondering about making money on Amazon? If yes, then your wait is over; you will understand clearly the different ways to make millions through Amazon. Currently, Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce stores to deliver you the opportunity to earn money through this platform. The matter fact is many of us even don’t know the ample amount of scope Amazon provides for earning a huge amount of money from it. The best part here is you need not have to make lots of investment into it. On top of that, you don’t have to possess lots of experience in this field.     

Now let’s explore the ways to earn money on Amazon. For new sellers also these below mentioned tips will work effectively. 

  • Sell products with the help of Amazon FBA:- The full form of FBA is Fulfillment By Amazon; there are several ways it works for new sellers to provide them the chance to earn money.  
  1. You can become an Amazon seller
  2. You can but wholesale products from other platforms and can sell it on Amazon.  
  3. To Amazon fulfillment center, you can ship your inventory.    

Once you become a member of the Amazon network, then you can easily earn money from there. The best thing is that Amazon will deliver the products to your customer on behalf of you. You can sell the products on a large scale due to Amazon FBA. To avoid extra Amazon fees, you can ship the products by yourself.            

  • You can earn from retail arbitrage:- If you source your inventory from the overseas market and want to sell it here, you have to pay a hefty amount. On the other hand, if you buy the stock from the local market and sell them on Amazon, you can make a profit from this business. The process that is mentioned now is commonly known as retail arbitrage. You can buy products from various other stores where you can get discounts on multiple products you buy. After that, you can sell those products on an inflated price on Amazon to earn the profit.   
  • You can publish your own book:There is a place in Amazon where you can publish yourself written books on Amazon. Within 24-48 hours, your books will be published in Amazon. You can set the prices of your self-published books on Amazon. On every sale of your book, you can earn 70% of the royalty from Amazon. If you wish, you can make the necessary changes to your content to increase your book sales.
  • Sell your whole sale products:- You can sell your bulk products on Amazon. It is a b2b market place where you can sell your products to your target audience quickly. You can sell your products directly to your customers without spending an extra penny on the middle man. You can accept the request for the quotes from the buyers. You can set and modify the prices as per the demand of the customers.  

 It offers direct selling platforms to the sellers to make money quickly. A research study shows that on Amazon, 55 different fortune global companies are seeking this opportunity through these methods.    

  • Affiliate marketing options through Amazon:- You can become an affiliate seller in Amazon to earn money from it. You can sell anything on Amazon. From the qualified sales, you can earn up to 10% commissions from the advertisements.  
    1. From Amazon coins, beauty, and luxury products, you can earn 10% commissions. 
    2. From the home improvement, home and furniture, you can easily earn 8% commissions. 
    3. From pet products, pantry, lawn, and garden, you can earn up to 8% commissions. 
    4. You can earn 6% of commissions from tools and outdoors. 
    5. Homemade digital videos, groceries, digital music, and videos can earn up to 5% commissions.  
  • Sell handmade goods:- You can easily earn right amount of money if you are specialized in making handicrafts. There is a huge demand for the handicraft products in Amazon. Currently, there are sellers from 80 different countries who are selling their products on Amazon. Here, Amazon possesses its artisans and craftsman to audit the handicrafts’ quality and ensure that you are the sole creator of the handicraft.  

The earnings from Amazon is straightforward as there are no hidden charges the handmade sellers need to pay from their sales. They will have to pay 15% of their referral fees to Amazon on their purchases through this platform. The earning potential for the handicrafts is enormous from here. 

  • Work from home opportunity is there:-  Amazon offers virtual customer service representative jobs to you. Sitting back at the comfort of your home you can assist the customers to buy products of their choice.  The basic task is to guide the clients on their queries in a detailed manner.  The good news is that Amazon continuously updating the Work from home process to make the CSR jobs easier and simpler so that they can easily get in touch with their target audience easily. The best part of these earning processes is that you will have flexible working hours and you will receive your salary at the end of the month. Hence, if you do not know this facility till date then you gave lost the scope for earning money.   

Hence, from the above discussion, it has become clear about the different ways you can easily earn money from Amazon. Just you need to follow the ways mentioned above. You can easily earn without any issue. You need to be a proactive learner and a seller to understand the different ways to earn money online. Continuously, you need to upgrade the systems to understand the ways and procedures to earn your money on an online basis. The scope for earning potential is huge you just need to know the ways to achieve it. Try to give your best and earn as much as you can from Amazon to build a better business.