Increasing Your Product Discoverability on the Amazon SERP

Increasing Your Product Discoverability on the Amazon SERP

Understanding What Drives the Amazon SERP

With such little understanding to how the Amazon SERP works, many sellers are left with unsold products sitting in warehouses because consumers can’t seem to find them.

Without fully understanding the factors that trigger the best results in the Amazon SERP, many sellers are losing out on potential revenue.

On Wednesday, January 20th at 11am (PT), Amazon experts Pat Petriello and Jeff Coleman will host a 60-minute Amazon Product Discoverability course and dive into what drives the Amazon SERP & actionable steps you can take to get your products found.

This course is for Brand Manufacturers, Vendors & Third Party Sellers.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Amazon’s Motivations & Goals Positioning Products on the SERP
  • What Factors Drive Organic Ranking on Amazon’s SERP
  • Debunking the “Product Content is King” Myth
  • LIVE Amazon SERP Walkthrough
  • Actionable Steps to Increase Product Discoverability
  • Live Q&A

Increasing Product Discoverability on Amazon SERP


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