What is Barcode Labels? How to get Barcode Labels?

After buying UPC Codes or EAN Codes, you get number as well as Barcode Labels. Companies like us(GetUPCCode.com) send both things after purchase. Barcoding has been helping companies use barcodes or other data capture technologies to eliminate inefficiency and errors produced by manual data entry via keyboard.

How to Design a BARCODE?

There is so many online software available for designing barcodes. But if you need any specific design, you have to mention while placing the order. But for the same that offer for free, other companies charge a lot. Use Microsoft Excel to maintain a simple database with barcode labels and numbers so that you will spend less time designing and maintaining barcode label formats. Guaranteed reliability and accuracy for your business comes with barcode generation software.

Reasons to buy a BARCODE:

If you plan on selling goods, you need to register your products with the GS1. You will be assigned your own unique barcode that identifies your company as the maker of the product, which is necessary in order to do business.

Where to buy a BARCODE?

The simplest way to buy a barcode is from getupccode.com. All barcodes must originate buy Authenticated UPC code from the GetUPCCode.com. But the charges at GS1 is higher. You have to pay them for registration as well, to assigning barcode part from that you have to pay tax and yearly renewal charges. require a minimum of 100 barcodes is purchased at a time.

Buy UPC barcodes from GetUPCCode.com originated from the GS1. They are purchased in bulk and then sold individually in order to accommodate smaller quantities of barcodes and simplify the buying process.


The barcode generator allows you to create a barcode graphic by providing barcode symbology and data. Click on the Generate Barcode to create a graphic containing your barcode so buy genuine UPC Codes. Right-click to copy or save the barcode, then paste or insert the barcode into your document. The Barcode/UPC code generator is a free service for eBay but does not include any sort of guarantee or technical support.

If you buy UPC Barcodes from us, you don’t need to generate barcodes yourself. We will generate and send it to your e-mail. You just need to print it out and stick on product.

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