How to Buy UPC Codes for Amazon and start selling products [Complete Guide]

Are you looking forward to sell your products on amazon but still confused with how to do it? Then today, I’m going to help you with that. This is complete guide to list your product on amazon and things required to sell products on Amazon. We will also tell that:

  • What is a UPC Code?
  • What is the need of UPC Codes?
  • How to Purchase UPC Codes?

Every online seller who wants to sell products on Amazon needs UPC Codes. In Amazon, UPC Codes are the required thing to list your product on their platform. 

If you don’t have UPC Codes then Amazon will not allow you to list your products their platform. “GS1 UPC Codes” are the only required thing on Amazon to list your product. It doesn’t matter that you are listing your products from USA, UK, CA or India.